Fire Alarms Telford

Fire is a major problem in both domestic and commercial properties.

In the 12 months to March 2003, there were 64,400 fires in dwellings, 547 deaths, and 13,200 injuries. It is vital that we take the necessary precautions to help reduce these figures but most importantly, to save lives!

Fire Alarm Systems fall broadly into two groups – Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems.

Whatever the size and complexity of your requirements, whether networked or a stand alone system.

JCE Telford can offer the latest fire alarm systems from leading manufacturers such as BRK Brand, Detection Systems, Edwards, ESL, Firelite, Firex, Gentex, System Sensor and Wheelock.

We can also supply many of the hard to find components for servicing older fire alarm systems.

Conventional Systems

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems, in their various forms, have been around for many years and have changed little in that time in terms of technology although design and reliability have improved significantly.
However, conventional fire alarm systems are a well proven technology protecting many hundreds or thousands of properties worldwide. A conventional fire alarm system is often the natural choice for smaller systems or where budget constraints exist.