Testing & Inspection:
Periodic inspection and testing is a legal requirement to maintain the safety of electrical installations. JCE undertake this work and provide certification in accordance with the requirements BS 76771:2001

Safety of workers,visitors and customers cannot be ignored. Neither can lost revenue from breakdowns caused by problems that could have been identified and fixed before becoming critical. Insurers are increasingly offering substantial premium discounts for regular testing or even making it a condition of cover.

All testing and certification can be carried out by JCE. Such as portable appliance testing, periodic fire alarm checks, emergency light testing and thermal imaging. Machine checks are also undertaken.

We are also able to give guidance on the best courses of action to remedy any failures present as a result of such testing. For information on electrical safety requirements


Jce undertakes the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems complying with BS 5839-1:2002, and emergency lighting systems complying with BS 5266-1:1999. We have experience of installing both fire alarm systems and emergency lighting in factories,offices,shops,schools,nurseries,care homes,hospitals and flats. As an NICEIC approved contractor we are able to undertake this work and provide the required specialist certification for each installation.

Typical fire alarm systems would comprise of fire alarm panel, fire bells or sounders, smoke detectors, heat detectors and break glass units, wired utilising fire-rated cables or mineral insulated cables. We are able to assist with your organisation's responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into force in October 2006


Emergency lighting systems are normally installed as part of a lighting installation or sometimes as a retrofit of an existing installation. The Building Regulations 2000 specify requirements for emergency lighting in the workplace and this area also falls within the remit of Fire Safety regulations.

As part of our commitment to providing a total service to our customers we believe it is out responsibility to help meet the challenges presented by ever-changing regulations with the most cost-effective strategies for long-term sustainability.